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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
I was having a think about how I could do this.. my current thinking is that from the ballistic info you enter I could automatically calculate a holdover chart for you.. then I'd probably need to have another input screen so you could tweak the holdovers to better match your own (in case the Chairgun holdovers don't match up perfectly).

Then to emulate a ranging error, I could get the game to randomly lie about the range in the top left of the screen. So for example, you tell it your ranging error is 2 yards and it could potentially lie about a 45 yard target telling you it's actually 43 (to emulate you getting the range wrong).

Dunno how I'd emulate parallax error and scope blur though

btw, although the apparent magnification of the scope is 16x mag - the mildot rets are set to be true mildots, so it should work out pretty well for HFTer's with true mildot scopes even as it is.
Don't care about 'real mil dots' as I use parallexing which is not optional! ie Real at 10x on my Bushnell,but I use 8.5x, which isn't. Just give me division marks on graticle and I will do the rest,, (sometimes).
Whats your take on the NJR100 with olympus trigger.
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