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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
How sure are you that the wind was parallel to the ground?
Like I say, on a field (actually a dispersal area on a WWII airfield) on a flat farm.

How sure are you that your rifle wasn't canted?
I'm shooting at a card with a grid drawn on it parallel to the ground with a mildot ret lined up with the grid

I agree with your assertion that the extra distance wouldn't make any odds, much like the sin theta/theta = 1 thing for small angles. But I suspect, like you say, for diabolo pellets BC theory needs an extra complication.
I originally did the test to see for myself whether the suggested idea of rifling going in one direction would make a difference in POI for left v right wind, which I couldn't see. But both groups for left and right, with varying amounts of wind (it was very windy, around 2 mildots @10x at 45y), resulted in a lower average POI than you would get for the same setup with no wind.
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