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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
Just bought an interesting looking HW77. It has a "Vixen" sticker and has Cindy's Shooting Shop on it as well. Haven't broken anything down or removed the stock but this is what I can see:

Brass set back trigger
Brass trigger guard
Adjustable butt pad with a very nice hard rubber type of pad
Brass stock cups
Loading port milled out on the right side
Shortened barrel
Sling swivels
Venom Vantage style (I think??) stock with hand cut checkering

Gun is marked as Hull Cartridge and is a 25mm tube. Pulling back the cocking arm I can see a bunch of grease on the face of the compression tube so it will need a good cleaning. Anything I can look for when I break it down to tell more about the provenance? I fashion myself a wanna-be field target shooter so a .177 would have been ideal, but this old gun was too nice to pass up.



cindys, used to sell venom tuned/stocked rifles in many differing forms, the stock isnt quite a vantage, as for the loading port it may or may not have been done by a tuner, as weirauch did open it up themselves at some point (cannot remember when).
but unless someone who knows, has a look inside, it just could have the venom silencer added, brass fittings and a better stock over the original as they used to sell the 77 like that as well.
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