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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
It's interesting actually - in theory if the wind is in your face then it's going to have the effect of slowing the pellet down which means it will land lower, and if it's behind you it will mean it gets there quicker so will land higher.

But when you think about it in terms of real numbers.. your pellet is coming out of your barrel at 500mph, a 5mph head or tail wind isn't going to make a noticeable difference.

It's the difference between your pellet doing 495mph or 505mph in a race to reach 55 yards. i.e. sod all difference.

The actual ballistic calculation isn't my invention, I'm just using the same one that Chairgun uses.

Something else you could also think about is - what if there's a very strong wind from the left or right - since the pellet is being blown off course in a sort of arc, it will travel further than one that went straight with no wind.

If it's travelling further then it will land lower... All that's true, but when you put it into perspective, the difference is so small you wouldn't notice it.

The likelihood is that it's a just a result of a pellet landing inside your average group (that just happens to be low) or the ranging error is kicking in.

That is kind of what the point of the game is though - if in real life you see a pellet land very low in the kill, don't always assume you got the range wrong or the wind was pushing it down etc. Other factors can come into play to make it look like that.
Here's a thought Brian, you could have a training mode where after the shot it flicked up a line to show where a perfectly ranged shot would be, and also what your group circle is like in comparison to the target. So people could see what the effect of that was on the shot.

It would be nice to get cant in there as well...
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