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Wow, what a great game, Brian. I'm amazed you can seemingly knock something like this together

Like some others, I also felt reluctant to play too much with your 16x mil spacing, since I didn't want to get confused with the spacing I'm used to. So I cut a thin piece of transparent tape and marked the mils I use in relation to your inch spacings at 50 yards (thanks for including them!). That increased my success quite a bit. I managed a 38 at Redfearns with default settings (8 mph) and 35mm groups.

I also find calculators also seem to exaggerate wind effect compared to what I've seen. And with wooded settings, rough terrain, or partially obstructed lanes, I find I have to be very careful not to over-estimate wind when shooting in the real world

I know it's complicated to add, but some way for the shooter to adjust mil dot / magnification settings might increase the game's utility.

That said, you've done us all a great service by providing this. Thanks a ton!

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