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Originally Posted by rich View Post
About ten years ago I wrote a spreadsheet to determine, or allocate, a "difficulty factor" to a course design. It factored longer targets harder than close ones of course, but not on a linear basis, it included a factor for wind on that lane, and it had the equivalent of what you are calling a wobble factor, Brian. Effectively it took a target at say 40 yards in a given wind, and allocated a reduced percentage chance of knocking it over if it was a kneeler or a stander instead of a freestyle.

Feedback comparing predicted "difficulty" with real life courses showed that your wobble factors are close to what I used eventually. I ended up with a kneeler factor of 1.5 and a standing factor of 2.25.


Cheers Rich

I can tweak the wobble factor at any point, but I'll go with your 2.25 and 1.5 values to start with then - it will have the same effect as reducing the killzone size, but since we may end up with FT shooters from all over the world playing this and hopefully giving me some sample courses - I don't want to sent out the message that in the UK we have 42 yard standers on 15mm kills

So I'll go with a wobble factor and if the consensus is that it's too hard/easy I can tweak it.
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