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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
Nice work Brian, I learned a lot from it. And you'll have the course of NEFTA Classic Day 2, too

But this is an Open Class shooting now, you should do something with the positionals. Maybe, shooters could be able to give you 3 grouping sizes, for the three positions... Or, as an alternative, simply give a 15 mm kill to the standers and a 25 mm one for the kneelers, while keeping their original distances.
That's a good idea Andras.

Ok, what I'm going to do I think is keep the killzones at the size they were on the course (although I really like your 15mm/25mm idea) and instead I'm going to mark the targets up as Standing and Kneeling and introduce a WobbleFactor.

As a starting point I'm going to go with a WobbleFactor of 2 for standers and 1.6 for Kneelers. What that will do is for Standers it will take your MoA group size and double it and for kneelers it'll multiply the MoA by 1.6.

Does that sound about fair do you think or should I go for different wobble factors?

I want to avoid too much input from the user because it becomes a bit of a chore (and everyone lies about their group size anyway )

So what do you reckon on the WobbleFactors ?
(Don't forget, this isn't really supposed to be a full on FT simulator, just a fun game for learning the wind differentials with different ranges and vectors)

Something else I could do at some point is run an online competition - so a fixed course with fixed wind etc. You get to shoot the course at your current BFTA grade, but your accuracy levels are fixed for that grade (you can't make up your own ).. When shooting the course, you can see the wind direction pointer, but the wind speed won't be displayed - it'll just display a plus or minus to indicate there's more wind or less wind on that target.

Then we can have a league table.

Quite a lot of work there, so I'll put the wobble factor in to start with because that's easy
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