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Are there stats to show how much time is added to a shoot on a course where there are lots of stoppages through called targets.

If you are going to a major comp like a National then you have probably written that day off for shooting ...

... up in the early hours and driving for a few hours ... or staying over the night before ... time on zero range ... time having something to eat and drink ... time chatting to old mates ... time shooting course ... time watching/shooting shoot offs ... time after shoot having another brew and burger and chatting about how you've gone on ... time driving home.

I've never booked a table out on the evening following a big shoot or planned anything special. That day is a comp shooting day.

I know it's frustrating when the hooter keeps going because people are calling targets they have probably just missed ... but if the authorities aren't going to penalise anyone to discourage target calling then there's nowt else to do other than relax and just accept it. Does it really matter if you get home half an hour or an hour later when that whole day/weekend has been written off for shooting?

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