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Wink kiwi course

Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Eyup Davey

Yeah - it just uses the same windage equation as most of the trajectory software out there (including Chairgun etc)
The atmosphere info fed into the calculation is the standard atmosphere i.e. 1013 bar, 13 degrees C, at sea level etc. and it doesn't take differences in spin rate and barrels into account so the actual figure for drift for a given speed and direction probably won't be accurate for every gun. That's not important for the purpose of the game though, it's the differentials between distances and wind angles that it's trying to teach, and they should still be about right.

I've been given some data for another course to put in (cheers Tony F) - so with any luck that should be going in today (yesterday in your time zone ) but a Kiwi course would be really cool, yes please if you don't mind, that would be awesome!.

Brilliant game Bri, and very addictive. If you're mapping a kiwi course, give us a worlds, cause god knows I need the practice
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