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Originally Posted by milek View Post
What a great game, can't keep off it. To the OP; do you have any objection if I post a thread on AGF with the request to click the advertising link? Fully understand if you say no.
Glad you like it, yeah of course, no problems posting it up anywhere you like.

I'm not so fussed about telling people to click on ads, it's not the intention that it's a money making idea, but I'd be grateful if you could either link to the explanation or cut and paste it over. It just helps to avoid comments like - "this is nothing like real life, you don't get a compass in the corner in real life", and then me having to explain that it's not the point of the game

I guess the short version of the point of the game is...

If wind was constant and you knew the exact speed and direction of it - would you be able to hit every target on an FT course?
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