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Originally Posted by Ceathreamhnan View Post
It appears to come up with different wind speed and direction each time played, so you cant directly compare, which is a good thing as you can play it endlessly . Very good stuff Brian. Does the apparent hit high and low also come from the Chairgun calcs?
Ah yeah - I forgot to mention - the wind speed and direction change each time you shoot the course - but they remain constant for the whole course. So you can shoot the zero range and get an idea about the wind strength and then go onto the course with the same overall wind speed and direction. The resulting wind direction will be different for each target, but that reflects the actual bearings to the targets on that course.

The York winter league course I entered from memory and the shooting line was in a straight line with targets set at angles to the shooting line. The Inters course was entered from real data and a pretty good approximation of the target bearings - it was a sort of horse shoe shaped firing line.

Yup, all the ballistic calcs for height etc all use the same equations as Chairgun does, using the GA drag tables for waisted diablo airgun pellets.
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