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Originally Posted by JerryD View Post
How's testing going Brian?

Couple of thoughts:
1. how about incorporating a lever around the 25yd mark so that a coaster is not needed as well?
2. Could you do the pointers and numbers with a small raised lip so that paint could be applied and surface tension will draw it out to fill the number neatly?

I still want 2 please....
Eyup Jerry

Yeah, I already considered your two points when I did the design.
1. Including a lever - The grip is pretty good, but I wouldn't want to risk using the ring it to turn the AO in case it moved without you noticing. For the sake of a 2 fishing coaster it could end up costing you a lot of targets in a competition. I think that would end up being a problem waiting to happen, so I'd strongly advise not turning the AO by gripping the ranging ring (that's why there isn't a lever on it)

2. I'm planning to supply them all ready painted for you The fastest and easiest way is to just paint the whole thing black, then once it's dried just sand the paint off the numbers and markers with an emery board. Takes 5 mins.
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