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Default Sightron Scopes

Originally Posted by gavin hopps View Post
Thats what im after one that has lots of click adjustment so i dont go other one turn.
I realy do like the mh the only thing is i never use ir on any of my scopes so think it would be a waste of money to pay the exsta for it.

Hi Gavin,
I have the Sightron SIII 10-50 x 60 LRIRMOA and the 10-50 x 60 LRTD. I also had the Milldot reticule on a Sightron scope I sold.
Sightron seem to do two types of turret. My IR scope has large turrets which do not come with covers and the other non IR scopes have smaller turrets with covers.
They both have 10 MOA adjustment, but the larger turrets are in 1/4 clicks and the smaller turrets 1/8 clicks. So basically one turn of the turret is the same on both types.
The larger turret type are much better to zero as they have one central poly screw (like a Leupold Comp). The smaller turrets require that three Allen screws are slackened off to zero it.

One big problem with the large turrets is that as they do not have covers, it is very easy to move the L/R turret when picking up the rifle and not notice that you have moved it. I have done it twice, but luckily felt the turret clicks.
The best set up would be what they don't make i.e. the superior large turret for elevation and the smaller turret with cover for L/R.
The IR is great and apart from very sunny days, I always have it switched on. I also think that the optics on the IR scope are slightly better than on the two non-IR scopes I use/d.
EV2 Mk3+Sightron SIII 10-50 x 60 LRIRMOA / Bushnell 8-32

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