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Just a bit of an update because I haven't really updated this thread recently.

The FT hooks are selling out faster than I can have them made so far and they're going out all over the World I spotted loads of them at the last GP and so far everyone's been really happy with them. There's even been a few people selling their Gemini's and fitting one of my hooks instead so my main problem at the moment is that I'm struggling to keep up with demand.

At the minute I'm completely sold out and there's a 2 week wait for the next batch - fingers crossed I'll have some for GP3 but it'll be tight.

The HFT butt plate

I've tried just having a mirrored top section on the bottom and although it feels ok, I don't feel it offers anything over and above what you could get by just fitting a MEC or SKP plate etc. and with all the unnecessary adjustments and loads of component parts it still works out to be quite expensive, so to my mind you'd be better off with an SKP plate. And that's not where I want to be with it - If I don't firmly believe that you're getting something designed specifically for your needs that gives you something extra over everything else out there then I'm not going to make it.

Having said all that - I shot an HFT course a couple of weeks ago at the NEFTA Hunter and I'm shooting one tomorrow, and I think I've come up with an idea that would really help. Trouble is it'll be completely different to the FT hook - by completely different I mean every single component

The design problems I'm facing are that - it needs to be a 'paddle' type plate where the paddles are no longer than 2 inches (to make it UKAHFT legal) and I'm not entirely sure that the multi-link approach for the top part could be described as a 'paddle' ?

The other problem is that it needs to provide support for Prone, Kneeling and Standing - without adjustment! That's not an easy thing to do, but I've got an idea that might work although it might look a bit unconventional.
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