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Originally Posted by Gary Martin View Post
good on my friend. no problem with liking different aspects of a sport. too many people who claim their branch is better than another. THE FT/HFT debate is classic. when it all boils down to the nuts and bolts, all target sports are the same, trying to hit a target, only the rules change for the different branches of sport.
enjoy, hope it all goes well for you and you get a good turn out.
I agree completely. I don't know why people can't just accept that everone has a different point of view, and a different point of view is not a lesser or greater point of view, it's just different.

On a seperate note, could someone kindly tell me how to get smilies on here? I'm clicking and double clicking on the ones on the right hand side, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I have been trying for a while on posts, but nothing. The brick wall one is looking quite appropriate for this part lol.
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