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Good summary from PD (slurp) and easy to follow plan of action from KT (double slurp).

"Jumping on the bandwagon" also has an opposite occurrence that is "not wanting to look like like a target calling moany tw@t". I am sure some shooters feel intimidated by the calling procedure and while the OP was about folk perhaps trying to gain points, points are also lost by those who probably believe "oh well it was maybe a splitter that didn't go my way this time".

I can give you 2 examples recently that cost me 2 points, OK I wasn't going to win or even get in the top places but in UKs and World's every point really does count. This is why I am against the zero point policy used by some clubs. I think the shooter is entitled to question a target - JMO.

At the World's Bravo course, peg 15 Duck 25mm 36 yards - I thought I had hit it fair and square but as it was pretty well tucked away, decided it was probably a splitter and moved on. Next shooter hits it and calls it, and the string was snagged up - he got his 2 points.

At Quarry R1, peg 28 Moon 20mm 29 yards - backlit so the kill was a bit fuzzy - I thought the same - hit fair and square - had a think and thought maybe a splitter - next shooter calls it. Target was faulty and was replaced. He got his 2 points.
These 2 recent incidents have made me more likely to call a target now. My eyesight just isn't good enough to differentiate sometimes so from now on I will get it checked and maybe I will get the points I am entitled to

Apart from that, all the courses I have shot this year at WHFTA and R1, 2,3 were quality!
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