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Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
So I'll tell you what me and Greg Hensman do at Kibworth.

A target is called, a shooters wants it checking and basically we follow this process and it works.

-target is called
-call for a cease fire
- do not touch the string
-ask the shooter where they think they hit
-go out to the target and check:
1-that the target is not pulling forward or backwards and that the target is sufficiently fixed
2-there is not build up of lead deposit in the target mechanism (if there go to point 4 and then afterwards clean the lead deposits, this to confirm that the target either functions or fails prior to clearing of lead)
3- check position of the paddle
4- using UKAHFT target check, "shoot" the target once, if falls they missed, if it doesn't there is a fault somewhere and look to rectify before just pulling a target. If this is the case and the target is fixed the shooter is awarded a two.

at no point prior to checking should the string be touched!
We've been using pretty much that system for years Kieran, I'm sure you've marshalled at least a few times in the years we've been using the checker. Only Chief/head marshals are supposed to check a target and all those have been through the training/shadowing & have experience of marshalling. The important thing is to check the target before you attempt to alter anything you see that may need attention.

There's no reason we can't come up with a printed sheets though if any marshal feels they need it.
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