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For me, one of the attractions is shooting unusual targets that are difficult to range and fun to shoot.

It would be a sad day if all targets were 'standardised' it is mean't to be fun after all!

I was secretly hoping the free stander was going to get pulled as i zeroed it...not because it was un-shootable but cos i'm crap at standers, it would not have been pulled at my club either no matter how many complaints....
I also zeroed the free stander the day before...well chuffed..

There was definitely a case of "well i am calling that target as well then" going on with the clever target at peg 27?

I don't think anyone is trying to cheat, they are just competitive and don't want to lose a point if the target is faulty and they don't call it.....

Great courses by the way..very clever some of them targets (sorry for going off track)

Spongey X
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