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I know that we've been over this in the past and i agree with the Pete's. Although i'm ok for my name to be up i'm sure that there are quite a few others that wouldn't appreciate it. I did actually think that things had got a lot better until the Target 27 hoohar.

Just re-read P Dutty's reply and not wanting to sound all bottom licking slurpy, i find that it hits the nail on the head. How far do you go?.....tell clubs that they may only place a certain make and type of target in a certain position and you will strangle the creative side of target placement that is HFT. I know first hand as i spent a lot of time and money making non standard targets for Emley.....however, all the plates are on Knockover bases/linkages.

As a course setter you never want to hear any negative comments about a course you've set but sometimes things can be missed and a faulty target might seem ok whlst being placed. the hosting club/target setter wouldn't know this unless the probelm is obvious to the eye. To pick Fort this weekend as an example as just how a course should be set. Highly technical/tricky to rangefind and differing angles goes to show just how much effort the club had made. The 15mm paddle with the hole was very odd and i would have thought it would have been noticed unless it happened on the course.......which would be more worrying.

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