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I think we have to be careful about just blaming the shooter, fair enough a lot of calls may be due to the shooter being convinced they hit a target but this can be clouded by targets that are in dark tunnels, badly set up targets that move when shot or even move when pulled up so don’t operate correctly when shot at an angle, you also sometimes get poor target set up due to the club trying to put out that extra special shot. Targets can also become temporarily jammed with flecks of flattened Lead especially at close range.

It’s not really possible to compare the amount of targets called in UKAHFT against say BFTA competitions due to the different nature of the competitions, our targets are placed in the hardest & often the darkest places possible to make range finding difficult, the shooting position may be outside our comfort zone, we also have a much greater number of mini kills which are on average much closer so get a lot more hammer. We would probably see called targets plummet if we used standard targets with larger sizes kills out in the relative open.

We clearly have a problem at times with people jumping on the band wagon and calling targets that they’ve already seen called and we’ve also seen chief marshals pull targets that they know are operating correctly just to stop people calling them all the time, often these target are being called as the shooters are miss ranging due to the course setter positioning the target to fool the shooter.

We are currently looking to see if we can come up with something to reduce this problem & it will hopefully be in place before the next round at Wendover.......but we won’t be penalising the shooters for calling targets & we don’t really want to limit clubs to standard targets out in the open.
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