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Originally Posted by DaveRobinson View Post
Interesting Read this post..I think Kirean has a valid point and it has previously been discussed at length untill the thread was closed down which was a shame as what was been discussed highlighted this exact point.. Albert the Aligator who is one of Anstons critters was the subject of much contraversy as that target was pulled as people were claiming hits and saying the target wasnt falling.. Shame the target was tested extensivly before the shoot and was also left out and shot by about 30 shooters the following day and it neverfailed to go down. I personaly shot it from all three positions Standing kneeling and sitting never failed to fall for me. When albert was removed from his swampy retreat there were misses all over the place.. Albert was pulled as a target from that particular shoot.. Result of which could have ment that people who genuinly hit the target were disadvantaged and someone who missed the target effectivly gained a target back..... In essence pulling a target makes the scores from the day false.
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