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Originally Posted by Andy006 View Post
One of the reasons I gave it up really. Too many over competitive fools calling targets for any reason. Stoppages every five minutes. " Marshal...Marshal, I know I hit the kill, I can see the pellet mark !!! It's a splitter mate, live with it." Who cares, you won't be on news at ten for winning. It's supposed to be fun.

I say drop four points if you call a target and it's fine when checked. That will stop em.
In the NEFTA hunter series Andy if you call a target and it's ok then you get a 0.

It's pretty obvious that targets CAN be faulty and can be faulty even after checking...there was one at Cambridge a few years ago that i helped check (not a UKAHFT round) but what frustrated me at the weekend was that the Chief Marshal checked target 7 (Yes i was incorrect before) after the other marshals had checked it previously and declared it sound for it to be called by the next group through.
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