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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
You also have to consider the proliferation of "Special" targets that have now appeared in HFT. The Traditional targets and their dimensions have evolved over a period and are usually reliable.

With the "Special" targets we have moved away from "Standard" and are using scaled down faceplates, different faceplate designs and shapes and also different kill shapes. These targets have not yet stood the test of time to prove linkages and operation, especially reliability.
These "Specials" also make it difficult to replace like with like, should the target fail.

I think the "Specials" do have their place but we may also have to accept their limitations.

I think Ray makes a very good point. Lots of work was done initially when the origional knock over type targets were developed, now people are successfully manufacturing custom targets with differing critical dimensions. Everyone knew about the "hinge to kill" bracketing method so now people produce differing height hinges, changes in kill height and even the"head shot" targets. Maybe with the changes this has meant in linkage lengths and faceplate mass this has made a difference in target wear / reliability.
I called the first 15mm target that was replaced at Fort Sunday as it had a hole in the paddle. This was only going to get worse, being shot repeatedly at 13y and I was amazed that the target it was replaced with failed and was eventually pulled in the PM session for exactly the same thing. That goes to show targets Do fail, whatever other people's experiences have been.

MAD for it.

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I would like to agree with you....but then we would both be wrong !!
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