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That may be a difference. It's rare that a target called is removed from a course in ft. The EFTA did challenge it in Germany when there was a move to do so as we felt the person who wins should put down the most amount of targets and there was a situation day one where the lead would have been shared by two English shooters if that was the case, one of which missed the target that was potentially going to be pulled. He also didn't agree. Later on day three there was talk of a target being pulled that was falling to faceplate hits... Except mine if course.

We did have a round in csfta ft where 1 or two targets were pulled but I think we will be looking at contingencies ahead of that at the general meeting as it was such a rare event no one knew quite how to handle it.

I think there's fertile ground for calling targets for a variety of reasons but I'm not sure targets are always to blame. It's probably a muddy pool of shooters and the environment that causes most issues I've ever seen. As said it's very difficult to see some splits which mark the plate but are barely visible even on high mag focused scope.

As far as faceplate hits are concerned, if it falls then it's an X on my card. I've had 2 on gp shoots. One at north oxon where I slipped on a kneeler and shot a rabbit in the head. Another at nelson where I gave way too little wind and I hit level on a new diamond nockover mid way between kill and tip. I know another team member who said he'd split one at the inters but I think technically it has to at least touch the edge of the kill to be so... so unless there's something in the way or the target is really gappy then I'm inclined to move on. Think there's been only two targets I've called which have shown to be stuck... So I'm inclined to resist because the odds are I'd be caught out next time.

Reducers though are a pain to spot. Normally at close range, once the kill is bare metal it's very hard sometimes to see the hit. I'm just glad to see them fall.
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