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Targets do genuinely fail, its a fact, but a hell of a lot more targets get called for "other" reasons.
Example 1. Inters at redferns this year, I shot target, knocked it over, reset it for lane buddy. He looks at it and the kill was missing. Marshall checks it and kill had been shot off. (773fps honest)

Example 2, this weekends round at fort, 15mm target, repeated hits had split/made a hole in the paddle. Not enough for a pellet to go through, but there wasn't another 15mm replacement available (spare had already been used). Sun was behind the target, so sunlight was shining through the target when you scoped it and making an already small kill a more difficult shot. Not the same shot for everyone at that point, so there was little choice to pull it.

The last thing anyone should want is to pull a target as it can effect overall results.

Maybe more hft targets fail because the kills are smaller and there's more people shooting the comps and hitting the kills
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