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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
I did some down range velocity testing with a thingy on the end of my barrel on the indoor range, chrono was at 27 yards, Skan Diamond, using the muzzle average from 10 shots and the down range average from 10 shots my Exact 4.51's produced a bc of .0264. this is not the highest I have seen. So I do believe when others see high down range figures for stripped pellets.

The problem the op experienced in my view will be an off centre bore in the barrel, I have seen this on most makes of guns including a Steyr that clipped inside a Steyr double cone stripper. I suspect this as all the UK Neils strippers I have seen have been machined perfectly central.
Sounds a good theory that one, although there does not seem to be any evidence of clipping, perhaps it is extremely close and there is enough disturbance to affect the flight. It would also explain why both strippers seem to exhibit the same symptoms.

Plenty to think about in these posts and some new tests to carry out, I think the first move is to check the consistency at longer distances as I only got around to 25yds last time (in a sheltered range) and I need to wait for a calm day for any more tests to make sense.
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