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Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
Personally Mike I don't think it is down to lack of target maintenance.
Comparing the different disciplines there does seem to be a regular proportionally larger amount of stoppages/ceasefires in HFT than FT.
I don't think targets have changed that much in 30 odd years,one would expect they have improved somewhat and at the GP2 Sunday most seem similiar to those seen at HFT events.Assuming servicing is regular and targets checked before inserted into a course and comply to regs that leaves the competitors and maybe pressure to succeed overides everything else(wishful thinking).
Maybe a record of targets suspected of being faulty, size and at what range might throw up a pattern,certainly FT seems not to be dogged by time wasting delays while targets are checked.
Nice post Kieran, a subject that is always moaned about but eventually accepted just grateful to finish the course.Might be worth mentioning that FT shoot at longer % beyond 35yds than HFT.
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