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I have watched my pellets as they head off in the general direction of the KZ, when the light is like it was this weekend I could follow loads of them into the kill, seeing them just sneak in the edge, smack the middle or miss. The close ones are near impossible to see, when a 15mm gets beat up around the kill it is sometimes impossible to see where your pellet struck if you miss. But a long one in good light can be easy to see. The Premiers were especially good for this with their flat backs, as are some of the newer JSB's.

I am sure a little more care of the targets would improve the way a comp flows, I have only ever known 1 person to go around and lube all the targets before a comp and the course ran really well!

There are of course the occasions when the string gets snagged, I can think of a target that got hung up on a tight snagged string. and another that had a twig fall down behind the face plate, I should have called both of those but didn't only for someone else to do so and get the points!

I would always call one now if I was absolutely sure it should have fallen as I am sure anyone would so anything that can be done to improve their reliability would benefit the smooth running of a comp. Saying that you can count the number I have called in recent years on 1 hand, Only once was their a genuine fault. But more importantly peoples scores would reflect their shooting more accurately. We have probably all been on the winning and losing end from a pulled target and it can often make a big difference to a result rightly or wrongly.
With more reliable targets will come the confidence that if it hasn't gone down you missed, dodgy targets are going to create the doubt that maybe it should have gone over?

I would really like to see a water proof grease lathered on the pivots, not a spray of watery wazz but some decent grease that will last, I am sure it would be of a benefit to the targets and the comp.
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