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Funnily enough i did call a target at the Classic...the scenario was.

Only 2 had shot the target before and both missed at the 12 o clock position. i shot and saw a mark in the kill, clean and not close to the edge. i had a check for any split marks but was shooting SFT on 10 mag. My shooting buddy had a look at 50 mag and could see no splits so before he shot i asked the marshal to check it out. There was a split at 6 o clock but you needed to be right on top of the target to see it. My point is that even with an experienced FT shooter checking the target a split couldn't be seen and even with 99% of the pellet hitting the kill still didn't fall.......git

I make it no secret that the amount of stoppages in HFT REALLY spoil it for me and from K's opening post it would seem i'm not the only one. So please stop being slack jawed faggots and let the comps flow
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