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For what its worth the newest double link knockover target mechanism, not the older type 'S', are far more unforgiving to splits. Ive seen 70% of a split hit the paddle and mark centre and the target not go down. The paddle even moves but it doesn't drop.

My knockover has been permanently outside since 2003 on the same fence post and it NEVER has failed. It gets a service once a year and the occassional spray of oil. It has taken a fair few tins of lead in it's time!

Targets that are close range especially reducer style targets need a bit more maintainance, I did see a reducer target that had a paddle that had been shot out with a tiny hole in the middle. This shouldnt been the case, a paddle from knockover is only a few quid to replace.

The front spring is something that often goes ignored and on older type targets it should be replaced, a target falling with a faceplate hit shouldn't happen and this can only happen with a worn front hinge spring. It should tension against the faceplace sufficiently that it prevents the vibration of the faceplate. This vibration, or faceplate wobble, (if the hinge spring isnt tensioned correctly) allows it to engage the paddle causing it to fall.
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