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I said this at the weekend K. I shot the Classic at Emley which was 2 x 40 shot courses. Not a single target pulled and maybe 4 stoppages all weekend down to the odd broken string.

So, that's 100+ of the best FT shots in the country (and international) seeing pellet strikes at 55yards on high mag and not calling a target.

And yet we have HFT shooters on 10 mag, 45 yards, parallax at 25 yards (ish) saying they see the pellet strike the centre of the kill......really?????

I can understand if a target is at an incorrect range/kill size, for example a 15mm kill at 11 yards, then yes, it should be pulled but the domino effect we saw at Fort with the same target being called, even after being check by the chief marshal, was a joke.
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