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Default Faulty Targets.... discuss

Right lets get something straight, this thread is meant to be about discussion, at any point that it starts to turn sour I'll ask for it be removed, so play nice please.

Ok basically I find it very hard to believe that targets fail on a consistent basis, by that I mean nearly every shoot I go to a target is pulled, it is now the norm to shoot a course and have a target pulled. I have been on the positive receiving end of targets been pulled in the past.

Granted there are occasions where say target hasn't been fixed down sufficiently or at the correct angle (leaning forward) or even a linkage failing but what about all the other times, I just don't buy it. I'd also like to add there is a few occasions where targets are not in line with rules (correct distances for kill zones etc.) so understandably they have to be pulled which is fair enough.

But I genuinely don't understand how a simple knockover target can just go faulty, I've been involved in course setting and shooting for nearly 10 years now and there has been two occasions in that time where a target has genuinely been knackered or faulty, one was a 15mm sparrow target and the other was one at Kibworth that didn't even make it out on the course, that is it.

I'd also like to add there is the occasional time where I've gone to check a target and there has been a build up of lead deposit that needed clearing but after a quick dig out and re-test with a checker it was back up and running (it's usually 15mm kills that are guilty of this).

I'd also like to add that a few years ago there was literally no targets ever pulled, so what's changed, if anything knowledge of targets and target maintenance has increased, I do understand that our sport is getting far more competitive (which is a good thing in a lot of respects) and that can contribute to targets being called etc.

So in your experiences why do they fail? I do find it hard to believe that well maintained, well fixed, well angled targets will fail in the space of 200 shots, this isn't based on non hands on experience, like I mentioned before I've been doing this a while now so I'm very interested to see other views.

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