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Default Trials and Tribulations of LAity

Following on from other threads where our friend Rog has been the butt of many jokes Ithought as a fellow team member I would do my best to help the old boy out
After much deliberation and many conversations with fellow shooters we think we have come up with the answer!!!! It`s range finding and distance perception, Here is my proof;

1) When I first met Rog his catchphrase was small- med- Rog when in effect it should have been
Large-med-Rog. no sense of size.
2) When at the bar Rog`s arms are always shorter than his pockets no sense of distance.
3) Only ever has two ****, no sense of numbers
4) Went fishing with Vinny Mike and Steph only to find the monster he caught was actually smaller than the maggots he used for bait. no sense of size
5) last but not least Rog if you don`t believe have a look in your trousers that 6" is infact only3"

so now if you take this on board those what you think are 30yarders wil only really be 15yards

Rog I dont charge my help but you could always buy me a pint or would that now be a half

regards Dave
"there`s no hope for some"
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