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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
I'm afraid there is. We still pass through customs from the UK out and in.

So would this be a Hungarian European Firearms Pass? I'm just wondering... it needs to work in France, Germany, and Austria.
Hi Rob,

If you leave the UK, you do not have to have 'any' pass to take the rifle with you, since you do not need any paper for the 12fps air rifle. You also do not need anything to take it back with you.
(I am not sure if this is true, or you need any paper to take the rifle OUT from UK.
You should check this with the BFTA. I cannot help in this part.)

You do not have any custom to enter or leave France or Germany. Am I right?
Moreover you will not have any custom to enter or leave Hungary.
(So you cannot really ask any custom officer at the Hungarian border to put a stamp in the pass, as it is witten there, since there is no one at the customs.)

If the Hungarian police ask you about the rifle: you have all of the papers (mostly in Hungarian).
If the German police ask you: you are going to Hungary, and you will not even stop in Germany.
(The pass is issued by an EU police office, they should accept it. The police is usually easy with sport rifles, and an FT rifle really looks like a sport rifle. )
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