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Default LG110 accuracy issue solved...I think

A bit of background, I bought a used LG110 FT 4 or 5 weeks ago it is just about 2 years old and has had two owners prior to me. The gun is mainly being used for 25yd bench rest.

Whilst being generally pleased with the gun, I have not been experiencing "pellet on pellet" accuracy, I initially put this down to getting acclimatised to the gun etc. but, even with a very well supported gun, shots were wandering out to the edge of the centre ring but not in the same direction each time.

The gun was fitted with the Steyr twin cone air stripper (presumably from new) I came across a UK Neil stripper last week and decided to try that today, I got pretty much the same results so I then decided to give it a go with no stripper at all. What a change, of the next 10 shots, 9 shot the middle out and one went a bit low but still inside the ring. These were un-weighed and straight from the tin JSB Exact 4.53's.

Two things spring to mind here:-

1) Has anyone else had any similar issues with air strippers on the LG110?

2) I wonder, did the past two owners experience similar issues, not really investigate and ultimately pass the gun on?

As I say, the accuracy was not diabolically bad but really showed up under my bench rest conditions and was probably at least very frustrating under other disciplines.

Needless to say, I am much happier with my investment now than I was yesterday.
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