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Originally Posted by killen View Post
Hope someone will point me in the right direction here. Decided to use my TX 200 Mk3 springer today and it is shooting brilliant. I have it in a CS1000 (modified) Custom Stock with Sightron S111 10 x 50 scope and so far have only polished the trigger bits to get it nice and light.

I have got the bug and now want to go a bit further down the tuning road. Basically I want to shorten the piston stroke like a TX 200 Mk 1 also lighten it and basically do everything that people do, to get it just that little bit better.
I know some guys do this themselves (basically they can machine things), but what I would like to know is, is there an 'off the shelf' kit out there that will do all this for me. Thinking Venom etc.
Whats the best direction to go down?
what are you hoping to achieve ? don't you like a gun that is "shooting brilliant "
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