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Originally Posted by Wonky Donky View Post
Hello Dave long time since we shot 243/223 together, small world now back to basics eh!

Funnily enough I just put a post on nicks thread on another forum as i can't get a TX to shoot to my liking with these light (sub 200gm) pistons with a short stroke but I'm a funny B*gger!

It's the transfer port length that's the biggest problem that's why I make new compression cylinder plugs or new ports with a specified tune these days.
Im sure you know a hell of a lot more than me about making a spring gun shoot sweet, but how do you and all the other spring gun tuner's gauge a good tune from a bad one? do you shoot 55 yard targets from an FT position ? and base your results from that or do you shoot at 30 yards and base your findings on how it feels? me personally I judge it on how many targets I can knock down kneeling, standing and the ft sitting position, and how hold sensitive it is, The standard mk3 tx is crap in my opinion way to hold sensitive and stroke to long..Marc fisher
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