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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Drop Wonky Donkey a line on the BBS (I think he's also on here)

I'd say the easiest solution is to fit a piston head extension with an HW seal fitment - that will short stroke it and give you a more efficient piston seal at the same time. Skim off 20-30g of weight off the piston at the same time.

Then it's a matter of finding a spring you like the feel of, and some well fitting guides made up (I'd suggest a steel rear guide and an ally top hat).
Not really 'off the shelf' though. Was hoping for a kit with a piston and a spring.

Are you saying basically, its best to do it yourself? Where can I get a piston head extension with an HW seal fitment? Er... what is an HW seal fitment

Thanks anyway will try Wonky Donkey also

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