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I had 2 prototypes turn up yesterday - I've buggered one of them up so that leaves 1, so I thought I'd paint it and see how it turned out.

Not too bad, painting was dead easy - painted it by hand with acrylic model paint, waited for it to dry and then sanded off the numbers.

One of my fears was that getting them painted up was going to be too time consuming, but it's not too bad using this method.

I changed the design a little so I could use a smaller bolt (M2.5) to tighten it up - I wanted a smaller bolt so that it didn't protrude beyond the edges.

That's the part of the design I'm not 100% on at the moment - because the ring comes up by 8mm, I'm concerned that I might accidentally move it while range finding - throwing all my ranges off. So the plan was to have a bolt in there so I could torque it up to make it a really tight fit. The gap also means you don't have to remove your scope to fit it - you just prize the ring open a little bit and fit it from the front.

I'd say it needs a bit of testing before I start ordering 25 of them - I need to make sure it's not going to move around if you accidentally knock it or touch it while ranging.

If that's the case I'll need to either have a bigger bolt (M3) or make it so it's not a flush fit and use a nut and bolt.

I'll have it with me at GP2 and see if I can get some expert opinion from some of the respected engineers who'll be there.

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