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Originally Posted by Kgbmark View Post
Brian - Any tips on how to set the LGU trigger which I understand is the same as that on the LGV? The first stage is very long.
Yup, I've got a method that seems to work or at least it'll get to pretty close to where you want to be and will just need a bit of tweaking to get it perfect.

Have a read of page 5 of the LGV review I did - there's a suggested method on there that if you follow it will give you a first stage of around 7mm, with a light and crisp 2nd stage and no creep.

I've got some photo's in there to show you the internal workings of the trigger too, but what you might also find useful is to look at this animation of how an CD trigger works (they work in a very similar way).

So there's two screws in the trigger blade and one behind on the CD trigger - exactly the same as the LGV/U and they do exactly the same thing and work in the same way. the only difference is that the screws are spaced wider in the Walther trigger, but it'll help you to visualise what it is you're adjusting.

The manual isn't clear on setting up the trigger, basically once you've got it close, it's then a balancing act between the two screws in the trigger blade.
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