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Default Gp 2

[QUOTE=Neil-T;163915]My brain has always been rattled Dave too much head banging when I was young. And as for getting a PCP, I do own 3, I have just let young Andrew Wadkins borrow my Pro-Target to get used to and shoot in the Euros with it. The other 2 are just play things and not for serious target shooters like me. You just gotta feel that recoil, it makes you feel alive

See you at GP2 if you are going.

Neil i an in the squad marked , Pathetic just hope i am nowhere near you and calpin . the only springer that floats my boat is the SR . now i know you say it is not a proper springer . but i reckon they are superb . when i get a decent scope for mine ( bull pup ) i wil have a go with it ??? HOLLY
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