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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
Apologies if there is too many threads about the new Walther LGU, but picked mine up this afternoon. Got it home, scoped it up and then put 5 shots over the chrono straight from the bag with JSB 8.4g 4.52.


Had a few shots at 15 yds to get windage and rough zero then moved out to 30 yds for my actual zero. Shot it until my left arm ached from cocking it, groups were impressive to say the least, and I've only tried the one batch of pellets. CTC 5 shot group at 30 yds was 12mm.
To coin a phrase from a good friend ( Dave Penman) it's MEGGA!
May be with lots And lots and lots of practise , you'll hit more than 16 at millride next time.
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