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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Ah, thanks for coming back to me Andy, so not the WFTF core rules then? I'd heard that definition before from Adam, that's what confused me. Under WFTF core rules, you can use the beanbag to keep your jeans clean.

I mentioned it because of Germany really, because I saw lots of what I would call dodgy kneelers going on - sometimes right in front of the marshals. People using a puffed up beanbag to support their thighs for the kneelers and resting their hamster on their forearm. I was quite surprised to learn that under the core rules these things aren't illegal
As far as the hamster it has to be in the hand and not leaning on the forearm. You must be able to move the swivel the wrist up and down when on the knee. One of the things some do wrong is the back foot twisting and on its side. I have done this without realising and been told, we tend to correct each other but most of the time all good.
I myself use the corner of the bean bag but make shore me knee touches ground even if it is only just touching. It saves carring to much stuff around and I find it more comfortable than a knee role.
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