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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
When you go to that link it takes you to a login form, just click on home to see the contents of the forum. There's nothing on there that isn't on here already though, but if I find any more info I'll let you know.

Something I did ask was where are the NZ FT rules?
Apparently they switched over to WFTF rules a few years ago and now don't have their own rules.

That's ok, but the question I had was - in the WFTF rules under certain headings it says refer to the host RGB rules - how does that work if the host doesn't have any rules of its own?

Specifically I asked what the kneeling rule is and what the bean bag rule is (since those two rules have caused some kerfuffle with BFTA shooters in the past)

Can one of the organisers please have a read of the WFTF rules and where they refer to the host RGB rules - provide clarification (and preferably a link) to the NZ ruling please.
Hi Brian
As far as the kneeling rule it will be the same as Germany. Your knee touches the ground and knee role / bag just supports under to ease pressure. So dirty jeans and knee im afraid..
The rules have been discussed between shooters here as it was unclear to what rules as i know a lot rest there whole knee on the bean bag in the uk. As far as im aware this will not be so here but like germany. If you have anymore issues or need a clear guidline just let me know. I will reply with a anwser or find out for you.
Regards Andy
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