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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
I believe its down to the lead. Quality of lead in recent years has deteriorated with the majority of it being recycled. It's not as pure as it used to be and its much dirtier also, ask a roofer, they will tell you the same.

Perhaps also with the many millions bring constantly produced the machines and dies have worn although I do know a large number of dies were replaced a few years back.
Not sure about the Lead quality Conor, the weight consistency has certainly got better though as even 2011 batches are vastly superior in weight to the die30's I use are crap which need weighing.

What I have noticed is the older pellets had a conical depression in the back of the skirt, these were swapped to a flat depression (as per Daystates) but I have a flat batch from 2011 that fly just as flat.....the latest ones seem to have a bigger flat that extends further back the pellet and these are the ones that drop lower at 45-55yds, maybe they are less balanced and more nose heavy
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