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Default First bit of airgun D.I.Y..stoeger x20, trigger and barrell

So i bought my other half a stoeger x20 just over a month ago after she came out and shot a few paper targets with me and loved it. She chose the gun because of its weight and "because it looks nice". Fair enough its a nice enough gun and quite accurate and quiet.

The trigger on it was horrible though, i could have popped home and made a curry by the time she got to the end of the trigger pull. So i ordered a custom GtII trigger kit specially for the stoeger. It cost 29 with shipping from america. The kit came this morning so i set up in the bathroom to fit it. The bathroom because its the smallest room in the house and if bits fly off its gonna be easier to find them.

This is the first bit of Diy ive done on a rifle, my Hw97ks not too old and i havent had a reason to take it apart yet. Slightly nervous somethings gonna not fit and my girlfriends helpful words went" If you break it your buying me another one". Fair enough.

Stock came off, had a ipad set up next to me with an instruction vid and off i went.. 5 minutes later its was all finished.. it really was easy. I made sure to cover the c clips when i pushed them off so they didnt ping anywhere and it was a case of switching parts. I was expecting to have to file the safety down as the nice chap in the video had to but it fitted perfectly.

It makes a massive difference to the gun. the trigger is milled from a block and feels quality where as the old trigger was cast and felt brittle. It take half the strength to pull and you can really feel the second stage. Before it was , nothing nothing nothing nothing bang f**.

While i was in the moment i decided to fix another annoyance. The pellet fit on the rifle is quite tight, this is fine but the skirt tends to stick out from the barrel slightly and if you haven't double checked sometimes the skirt can catch when you close it. I got myself a few small grind stones and a black and decker and set to work chamfering the barrel slightly. There was a small instruction post online i followed.

This was nerve wracking, id do a few turns of the drill then try a pellet. 15 minutes later the pellet was still snug in the barrel but now snug on the end too. I'd chamfered just less than a mil. Everything seams fine. The seal on this gun is a good 6mm away from the hole. If it was closer i wouldn't have tryed.

Anyway everything went better than expected. Didnt tell her that i'd drilled into the barrel just in case i got any more wise words of encouragement

Now im looking at stripping apart the hw97k and re greasing everything... It cant be that bad ..
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