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Sightron S111 10x42 25yd parrallax its meant to be zeroed somewhere under the ret at 17yds but think it has crept up a bit. On low low mounts. Use the scope in different ways for different ranges. As I use it.

8yds is one dot.

13yds is above half a dot.

30yds is above half a dot.

35yds is half a dot.

40yds is on top of dot.

45yds is bottom of dot.

Range it blurred then clear it using different methods. Scope kicked me to death for months finally getting to grips with it.

If I shoot it normal 8 is two and 45 a good one and half but I don't shoot it like that as I hate blurr.

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Rick Ardern super low mounts ISP MK3 pellet launching platforms and Sightron 10 x 42mm telescopic sights.
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