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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Ok that's lovely, we've had the tourist board sell, now the weather how about any more confirmed registered names.

Where's greyskull gone (the fountain of all knowledge) he seems to have vanished just when things should be hotting up, after all he seems to be the single main organiser of the event?
Not long now until registration closes and 9/10 weeks until the event!
Well 16 weeks ish from today abrox so your right not long at all.
Not heard of any more updates and very unlikely to get greyskull on here from what I see. Dont quote me as may have it wrong.
I believe the negativity and bull from a few people may have been the reason it would put anyone off a forum.
As far as getting info then there is the web site
If I hear anymore I will share on here.
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