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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
Had a rummage a couple of weeks ago and found 6 and a half tins of old JSB exact's, 3005807 SO 4.52. Obviously they were manufactured in 2007 and I was curious to see who is currently shooting with the oldest batch? Do you have any that are older?

Tried them out and the POI was about 2" higher at 55yrds than current JSB's so might have a play with them as they seem incredibly flat. In their day they were the dogs danglies through my EV2 MK1.

I'm using pretty much the same batch 3005807 S1 4.52 but only have 23tins left, I also have a few tins of S7.

I recently tried some of the 2014 dies and even the ones that group drop more
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