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I use MTC Viper with a fixed 10x, so can't alter; the px is around 22 or 23 yards, with the zero about 32 yards. The mounts are low and give me 8 & 55 yards - 2 mil dot, 10 & 45 yards - 1 mil dot, 12 & 40 yards - 1/2 mil dot, 30 yards just above line, 35 yards just below, 22 to 26 yards - 1/2 mil above.

This give me blur below 15 yards and from 38 yards, but I can judge the extremities using the blur and the mark one; having said this, I have an MTC Mamba light 3-12x42 which is much better even set to the same 10x; it allows me to see from 11 yards out to about 47 yards when the px is set to 17 yards, this is currently on my hunting set up, but am thinking I might change it if my scores don't improve soon, either the scope or use the hunting rifle.

The new scope is set as per the Viper, so doesn't blow my mind (or what's left of it)

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